Project Description

Harmony Designs (US)

The new Ear 90 Mk II from Harmony Design in Sweden is now available in the US. A lucky few will have it; most never will.

  • Single page Bootstrap website
  • SEO
It goes without saying that Neal Walsh is both a gifted and expert web designer. The truth is that there are plenty of those out there.

But, Neal brings much more to the game. His communication skills are superb. He is the rare web designer who always takes the time to understand what’s being asked of him, to clarify issues, all before executing the vision.

His next rare quality is adaptability. I count on Neal to look for options both in terms of design but also in terms of ease of execution and cost and he always comes through for me and my clients. Speaking of coming through, that’s another of Neal’s strengths; he delivers what he promises on time and is never bothered by last minute changes or tweaks.

I simply cannot recommend Neal Walsh more highly. I may never be lucky enough to meet him face to face but I will always consider him a trusted friend as well as a marvellous collaborator.